Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rebhan Renovation 2.0

So here we are again. Two years and some months after buying and moving into our first home we are making the leap again. We are moving on from our sweet little bungalow in Royal Oak to a lovely colonial about two miles away. We started this process thinking it would be a long slow one (our choice because we were just "looking" HA!) but after our second Saturday of visiting houses, we found "the one." It was a pretty immediate feeling that Rob and I both had about this house and this doesn't happen simultaneously often (read ever!) There was no convincing us that this house felt like home from the first step in the door. From the layout, space and park-like yard to the hardwood floors and crystal doorknobs (swoon!) we were hooked.

Our new house is settled in a cute, eclectic neighborhood and from what we can tell people love their properties. They are manicured and well kept but not in a creepy Stepford way! We are hoping there are families behind those doors and people who don't mind our rowdy family moving in!


The house is totally move in ready BUT needs just enough cosmetic updating and DIY to make it the right fit for us. We love projects and are so excited to get our hands dirty again! We already have plans for our first projects, pre move in and long term ideas. We have decided that we are going to approach this move in a different way than we have before. Because we have more space we are going to load one room in the new house with all our boxes (except the obviously designated ones - Baby Room for example). This way we can put things into rooms as needed instead of feeling stuck with items in certain rooms. We are hoping this will alleviate the cluttered feeling we have now. More than double the space should help too!

Our color scheme is decided (subject to change of course!) and we have a whole new outlook about this house! We are going a little more modern and cooler in color for a cleaner feeling. We want the outside charm to translate inside in some ways but maybe not the most expected ways - stay posted for our first projects!

We have under three weeks left in our first home and we are getting antsy to get moving - literally! We are thrilled to have more space and a more conducive layout for our family, but we are definitely going to miss our little bungalow too. Bringing our baby boy home, seeing him learn and grow and amaze us daily, family gatherings and so many more beautiful memories will be physically left behind but we will never ever forget these awesome years. Our biggest upset is leaving our amazing neighbors, it's actually upsetting to think about - guys, they are amazing! They have become friends and fellow parents (our boys are three months apart) and they will be missed terribly in our daily life - who will we have yard-to-yard chats with? We only hope that we aren't too obnoxious when we text them wayyy too much after we move (sorry Jen! haha).

With only 14 days until we close on our current home and 16 until we close on our new home, we are just overwhelmed with excited energy and boxes. There are boxes everywhere at our house right now!!

Check back in as we make this exciting move, we will be renovating again soon and will have lots to post about!

Until then,