Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I get by with a little help

Friday was not a great day for me and baby. The day seemed to go on and on and our precious boy would not nap. Our boy is as sweet as they come but even he reached his limit around 12pm and the rest of the day was a disaster. I don't know if it was a lack of patience on my part but for some reason I was easily frustrated and brought to tears. In my mind I knew that tears were useless and that bad days happen, but in the middle of it I couldn't hold them back. These are the days I am glad our son will never remember!

When Rob came home that night I was more relieved than ever before. He took our son from my arms and let me gather myself, shower and hit refresh on a rough day.

Saturday and Sunday were wonderful days, completely opposite from Friday. Though we did nothing out of the ordinary, Rob gave me a ton of help (he's always super helpful but he was more amazing than ever this weekend) and I was even able to be out and about for almost three hours alone. I laughed whenever our son would fall asleep with ease as Rob put him down and I jokingly deemed that he had "the touch"! Even though I was kidding I realized that I had something to learn from my wonderful husband.

Rob rarely gets truly overwhelmed. It's such a gift for someone like me who can sometimes feel like I'm teetering on the edge of an emotional cliff. He keeps me sound.

When Monday came and Rob went back to work I decided that in his absence I would "channel him!"  I rocked our son, breathing evenly and calmly, thinking "What would Rob do?" (Maybe I should get bracelets made! HA) That night when I told him about my successful day he laughed. He thought it was a funny way to help me but he was happy that he did; I was too!!

I'm so thankful for my husband. He helps me in ways that he doesn't even know and boy is it nice to have him in this parenting adventure with me!

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