Room by Room Tour

Take a peek at our house before moving day! Once we have "After" photos we will post an update here as well!

Take a peek at our house the way it looked before moving day! Once we have "after" photos we will post an update here as well!

When you "walk in" we will go to the left and work our way around the house room by room.

Entry Way: The door opens and forces you into the dining room which you can see on the first shot below. Once the door is closed the space is pretty roomy and the coat closet is a really nice size.


Living Room: This room is the whole depth of the house so there is plenty of breathing room, something we didn't have before!! The glass pane door leads out to a quaint little screened-in porch that has a front and backyard view.


The fireplace is such a fun addition for us. We can't wait to have a fire, but we need a quick mortar repair before we can light a natural wood fire.

Dining / Round Room: This was originally going to be used as a sitting room but we changed it to a Dining Room because we liked the way the house flowed better with this function!


Check out that pretty pretty vintage looking light. **swoon** It's totally staying in its home right where it is!

Office Space: We sometimes refer to this room as the Kitchen Den as well. It sits right between the Dining Room and Kitchen!

Kitchen: This space is twice what we had before and it boasts a full-size oven - if that can be boasted - which for this baking lady is a very happy change from her half-size oven at our first house. 

We have already done A LOT to this room. Our first couple kitchen posts are up (here and here) and there is a lot to come! 

Sitting Room / Home Entrance: This room is right at the front of the house. We love that it is open to the kitchen area and den. Makes everything feel nice and open on that side of the house! Here is the original look, check out those raspberry walls, eh?



Upstairs Hallway: This is a nice size landing so there doesn't have to be a lot of traffic to and from bedrooms and bathroom! The linen closet is HUGE.


Master Bedroom: There is a door to the outside porch roof which makes the room feel nice and airy. The walk in closet is also pretty large and surprising for a house this age!


Jax's Nursery: This room is almost a mirror to Hunter's room. It does not have the play room attached so it's a tad bigger but perfect for a nursery!


Hunter's Room and Playroom: There was a wall put up in this bedroom. It wasn't done perfectly but for now we are living with it because it creates a nice space for toys and clutter without being all over his room! You walk into the "playroom" as you can see in the first picture and you continue into his main room.



Upstairs Bathroom: We're happy with the classic black and white tile floor and walls, it's a clean throwback - we are super happy we missed out on the pink tile phase!


Basement Living Room: This space was originally built-in with the house (or so it seems with the high ceilings and fireplace). There are some modifications we are going to make but it is nice that it doesn't have a dank basement feeling!


Basement Laundry Room / Storage Area: This area was unfortunately not finished off in a great way. It looks nice but as soon as you start walking through, anyone over 5'8" could skim their head on parts of the ceiling.

Basement Bathroom: This bathroom was definitely added in after the thought. Rob can hit his head on the door frame walking in (eek!) but once inside it's pretty spacious with a nicely tiled stand up shower!

Garage: This is a one car garage that will most likely be used as a workshop for a while because it doesn't have an automatic garage door. DIY projects, here we come!


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  1. What a wonderful house! I'm so happy for you all! <3 Aunt Marianne