Friday, July 29, 2016


Apologies for our delay in posting. Since our last post on Mother's Day we took a little break from house projects (after a whirlwind weekend of work on the Dining Room) and then found out that we were going to be parents AGAIN.

We made our official announcement on the Fourth of July which was pretty fun! Good timing and a clever announcement by Rob!

From the time we found out in late May until about a week ago, I wasn't feeling so hot. Nothing as severe as some women have had (thank God and bless those sweet mommas) but definitely enough ookiness to not want to tackle DIY projects.

Now that I'm over the first trimester hurdle and regaining some energy for more than everyday stuff, we are making lists again. Oh, how I love lists!! (where's the heart eye emoji when you need it!)

Here's what we have up our sleeves and what we hope to accomplish before this baby comes in January!!

  • install new kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • new flooring in kitchen
  • shiplap in kitchen
  • paint den/desk area
  • paint "round room"
  • paint foyer and stairwell
  • replace staircase runner (if time allows)
  • paint playroom attached to Big Brother's room
  • paint new nursery
We will be busy but it will be nice to get a lot of this done before there is also a big baby belly in the game as well!