Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a community of moms

I have recently realized that having a community of moms to learn from and share with is the most helpful resource when it comes to baby rearing. I am so thankful for the moms that I can call on with questions and concerns; moms with older children and those with babes the same age as our boy.

Everyone gets through trials and manages the hard days differently and every mom has her tricks of the trade. Hearing alternatives from other moms on those hard days makes life a little smoother.

The best part about learning from other moms is that not one mom is better than another and we all seem to know that. It's all about encouragement and suggestion, listening to each others problems carefully before giving any response. Even from afar moms can be a blessing to one another - a word of kindness goes a long way.

To my wonderful community of Moms,
Thank you for your encouragement, prayer, genuine enthusiasm and love throughout these first six months of motherhood. You have been more helpful than you will ever know!

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