Monday, April 20, 2015

Mommy Moments: Jabbering in Public

At first glance, you'd think I'm just an ordinary lady shopping in Target at 11am on a weekday. I walk down all the aisles I won't make a purchase from but browse anyway just for fun. If you got closer you would hear one side of a pretty simple conversation - maybe it's just a best friend on the line listening to me talk about Target's many wonders. When you got close enough to get a good look, you'd realize that there isn't a phone in my hand (or a blue tooth in my ear)... would you think that I was crazy? If you looked a bit closer you would see that in my basket my little four month old boy is hanging on my every word while I jabber on about nothing. 

The other day, as I was walking through Target I found myself talking to our son about the colors on the items I was putting in our basket, all the "pretty lights," and all the fun items that he would enjoy when as he gets older (ie Legos with his daddy). Though I might have seemed like a crazy lady from afar, I was in fact experiencing such joy seeing my boy smile as I showed him the striped onesies I was buying him for summer! 

I love that our outings now include interaction instead of being a nap time for baby boy. I love seeing his smiles, watching him react to ladies that want to say hi, and hearing the jingle of his giraffe as I pick items off the shelf. 

Each stage of Motherhood has been awesome so far and boy, do these boys change fast!

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  1. I'm glad he's a good shopper! Kylie was like that too! Now it feels like I'm missing something to go to the store by myself.