Thursday, September 5, 2013

our cherry on top

Today you find us turning the corner into the final stretch of the "growing up" process. Our first mortgage, which you could call the "cherry on top" of our impending adulthood doesn't lend to the light sweetness that a cherry usually would, but instead we are experiencing a full on sugar high. We are a tad overwhelmed at the reality of becoming homeowners but more so we are beyond thrilled that we have been given this opportunity. As two (early) twenty-somethings we feel abundantly blessed to be taking this leap, no matter how much our sugar induced headaches might be splitting our brains.

It's pretty amazing how prayers are answered, even when they aren't your own (in this case my (Lindsey's) Dad). After two years of renting apartments we were looking into renting a house. Something closer to work for Rob, central for me, with a backyard for Oswin and always with central air. Size didn't matter too much, we just wanted our stuff to fit and after living in two apartments it's not like we had accumulated all that much. After looking at a couple houses and being disappointed that we had missed out on the rental opportunity, my dad called with the advice to "just look into buying, just see what you can actually do." Neither of us thought that buying was even a possibility, but with some advice and prayer and our awesome mortgage guy, Adam, we were able to get preapproved! We looked at nearly 20 homes and we "kissed a lot of frogs" as my dad would say (he's always good for some sound advice). Some of these houses had more problems than the last but there were a few good eggs in there. We were interested in three, two of which didn't work out from the start. We put in one offer on a Sunday and it was accepted on a Monday. Ultimately, it was a smooth experience but Rob would be the first person to tell you that I had my moments of disbelief that we wouldn't ever find anything (two weeks was all it took, folks).

Rob and I decided to document our first home experience. We know it won't all be pretty and we also know that some things will be better than we can now imagine, but we are taking it one day at a time and writing down the little things so we don't forget.

Little by little we will gather some before and after pictures, we will show you how we changed the house, where we found things that we love, give you some DIY ideas (I"DIY"AS as I like to call them), and share moments that we think should be unforgettable.

We close on the 12th - one more week - we'll have more to come soon.

Join us on our journey and please, oh please contact us and comment with questions! We would love to hear your stories too!

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