Monday, October 7, 2013

hanging things

Just a quick post about some of the progress we have been making. We have just about everything settled into the kitchen and we will be putting up a post of the whole room as soon as the new cooktop and hood are in (yay!!).

We, well Rob really, hung the pot rack which always makes us feel super sophisticated (ha!) The pot rack was from our first apartment, a crate and barrel gift card purchase, and then we weren't able to use it in the place we just moved from so it was nice to have it up again, plus it is so handy and such a space saver! 

It's hanging above the new kitchen island that I built with my own two hands, 
I'm big time folks, no... no not at all (hahaha)!

All the parts and pieces coming out of storage!! Thankfully when we took it down a year ago we saved everything so it all went back together perfectly!

Rob is a wiz with all those measurements, I was convinced a couple times that things were looking crooked but lo-and-behold, I was wrong and it was perfect! 

My only job was using the shop vac to keep ceiling dust from going everywhere, sometimes someone has to just smile and look pretty ;) ha!

Here is the final product, pots and pans all hung and ready to go! You can also see the kitchen island that we added for more counter space :) 

For now, that's all we have - we will be sharing more and more as things get put together. We are constantly changing things and we are very happy to be able to now walk into each room! Baby steps, people. 

Love for now, Lindsey 

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