Wednesday, March 26, 2014

getting back on the renovation wagon

Well everyone, we are so behind, we've only posted twice this month and that's just crazy. This month has flown by!

We spent the first part of the month working a lot and preparing for vacation so we didn't have much time to start any big projects! From the 14th to the 23rd we were on vacation: we had a great time with Rob's family in Memphis, New Orleans, Gulf Shores and Nashville! We drove a total of 34 hours+ over the vacation but it was worth it for some fun in the sun!




We really enjoyed our time experiencing new places and finding some treasures along the way. I think that my favorite place was New Orleans, it was so full of life and character, I could spend days and days just walking around! Gulf Shores was definitely relaxing, we walked the beach, laid in the sun and ate some delicious seafood. 

I can't wait to get all my treasures cleaned up and decide what to use them for... any ideas!? 

We have some projects in the works for April that we are excited to start (and finish)!

  • painting baseboards in the living and dining room
  • refinishing the stairs from the main floor to the upstairs bedroom
  • creating some new organization in the basement
  • tearing down outdoor shed
  • building up garden beds and fence in garden areas
  • re-finish patio furniture and reupholster appropriate items
We've got some big work to do but it should be very fun! 

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