Friday, February 7, 2014

a birthday note to Oswin

Dear Oswin, 


It's amazing how time flies and how fun and distracting life can be. All of a sudden our tiny little, too cute to be true puppy is ONE! We can't believe you are so grown up, our little Winnie!

You will always be especially special to us because we got you right before we lost your brother Jack. You ended up being just the sunshine we needed to get through losing him. Look at that big brother protection, even for a short time he loved you so!! You have been lucky enough to know and love both your brother Jack and your sister Harlee, your best friend!

We brought you home from the Kalamazoo area in April of 2013 when you were 10 weeks old, you were irresistible with your light eyes, cute fluff and chubby belly! We never had a chance of getting out of there without you in tow, nor would we ever have wanted to!

We love you and we are so thankful for your sweet nature and the joy you bring us everyday!

We love you, girl! Can't wait to live years and years with you!

Happy Birthday!
your mom and dad


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