Thursday, February 13, 2014

confessions of a DIY life

We have proverbially broken into the "can of worms" territory! Oh yes, we have. So far we have been quite careful making sure to take things one step at a time but today I find myself elbow deep in that can of worms we tried so hard to keep closed. It was somewhat of an accident (doesn't everyone say that?!) but here we are. 

It all started with the new vanity for the bathroom, which you haven't seen because we are still working in the bathroom (hello can of worms). After installing the vanity with a fair amount of ease we looked around, ok I (Lindsey) looked around, and saw other things that needed some love. It all starts with love... please believe me. 

After deciding to paint the laundry chute, I also decided to take the medicine cabinet apart and sand and paint that, and then to top it all off I took down the shelves from above the toilet to make sure those were sealed properly. ALL really great ideas, but I shouldn't have decided to do them at the same time. My dad always said "one thing at a time, Lindsey" and I should have listened!


After the first coat on the medicine cabinet (in the same color as the hallway ceiling) I realized that it was going to take many coats and even a sealant to make this paint job last. These pictures are from one coat (left) and post sanding (right). The difference, even so far, is great! It make the medicine cabinet look much richer and it stands out against the white wall along with the hooks and the soon-to-be-reattached shelves. This should be finished by tomorrow; between drying time and jetting to and from work, this is taking longer than it should have! 

I also got my Polycrylic out to seal the shelves and they are already showing some vast improvement. This picture is from one coat and once they have the proper two (or three depending on how I think they look) they will get hung up and redecorated. WOOT! 

I can't wait to show all of you these minor, phase one changes that create an updated look in our bathroom. It's all coming along. 

Meanwhile, I've also been dreaming of spring and obsessing over our garden plans: you can just call me Nana! 

Enjoy the sun everyone! 
Until next time - L

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