Tuesday, January 7, 2014

looking up

Painting the ceiling is a task, let me tell you! It's not easy being upside down and edging in (even with my favorite paint brush).


We thought painting the ceiling would be a nice way to break up the monotony of all the white in the hallway. We didn't want to paint the whole hallway, not because it would have been hard but it would have looked heavy. The way the walls are, with lots of corners, doors, and molding, we were unable to hang much art in the hallway to add interest. Enter a beautiful, lush color that makes a definite impact: Phantom Mist by PPG. 


This Manor Hall Timeless PPG paint was the $10 gallon that I scored on New Year's Eve! It's so nice to work with high quality paint, especially in this dark of a color. Coverage was great - only two coats with the paintbrush on the edges and three with the roller. This is great considering that I didn't prime and was applying to a pure white ceiling! 


After edging in, it was clear that this small and inexpensive change was going to make a beautiful difference! The color offset the white walls perfectly. 

I used a foam roller brush to apply the paint to the majority of the ceiling. Because of the type of application it took three coats to get full coverage with no streaks. 


Top left: foam roller and paint - that was all the paint I needed for the whole ceiling. Top right: first coat. Bottom left: second coat. Bottom right: third coat / final product!

We are so happy with the result! It makes the hallway, which connects each room of our house, cozy and keeps all the rooms feeling connected!


It's fun to see the pop of color from the adjoining rooms!

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  1. normally I don't like colored ceilings, but I actually do like this! especially with the crown molding

  2. Thanks, Kate! It was a risk but we think it looks great too! :)