Monday, January 27, 2014

Let there be white!

One of our favorite features of the kitchen when we moved in was a very large octagonal white porcelain sink. Though it takes up most of the counter space in that area of the kitchen due to it's size, it makes washing dishes, etc. much easier. 

As much a we love a white kitchen and were pleased to see one when we walked into this house for the first time, we also knew there were some issues that go along with a white porcelain sink. Mainly they stain and they stain bad (they also scratch, but we haven't had too much issue with that so far!) 

Our house was a rental for years before we moved in and like most rentals, it wasn't cared for in the same manner it would have been if the owner lived in the house. There were no big problems but there were some stains and iffy things here and there. The kitchen sink was one of those areas. 

Nice, right? Fun shape, lots of space! But look at those yellow marks in the bottom of the sink. EW. I have wanted to do something about this since we moved in but kept forgetting to look up solutions. Well, I finally got so fed up that I did some research and found an easy peasy way (only two steps!) to make our sink clean again! Three cheers for a white sink! Hip, Hip, Hooray (and so on!) 

Scrubbing with the dish detergent does improve the look of the white porcelain but it still leaves much to be desired. When the sides of the sink maintain their bright-white appeal, even a partially yellowed sink bottom can be very distracting. 

The second and final step (thank God for easy fixes) required some household bleach. 

After pouring the bleach on the rags, I left them alone for about an hour. The instructions that I had read recommended 10 minutes but I got busy doing other things and didn't think it would hurt to leave it on longer. As you can see, the towels lost most of their color during the process so if you try this yourselves, remember to use rags or white towels. 

Look at that WHITE SINK! So much better than before and now that we know an easy way to eliminate those yellow stains, we can keep this sink looking fresh and clean for years to come! 

The change from beginning to end was remarkable and we are so happy this easy process worked so well! 

There are always ways to fix things, some harder than others but it's always worth looking into before you spend money on a bigger fix! 

Did any of you do some deep cleaning this weekend? If you have tips and tricks, please share them with us!! 

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