Sunday, January 5, 2014

a painter paints a wall for free... "it's on the house!"

Sorry for the terrible pun but I just couldn't help myself!

At the end of our last post we conveyed that we were painting the living room but might not like the color. Well we were right and then wrong. When I first edged in, the color looked reddish and really dark. Hoping that it was just the first layer, I went back around the room (all 29 edges!) to paint a second coat and unfortunately was still unsure when I went to sleep that night. You can see the first layer closely in the picture on the right and the second layer in the middle - much creamier but it still dried with a reddish tint. 


When I got up to roller the room the next morning, I was still disappointed that the color was darker than I had wanted. It was hard for me not to like the color since the whole gallon of paint cost us $5, but there is always a "feeling" I get about paint color; it either works or it doesn't at all. 

After painting all the walls with two nice smooth coats, we were beginning to like the color. After moving all the furniture back into place and doing a little rearranging (yet again) we decided that the color was comfortable and made the room feel complete instead of just looking like furniture placed in a room. 

Yes, I'm watching Alias!  

We love the way the new paint color makes the charming cove ceiling pop! The cove is such a fun touch and one of the things we initially loved about the house - we are happy to have it be a little more noticeable! 

Also, we changed some things around: we added the lamp behind the chair (Target Threshold), put a table between the wall and couch for the lamp, switched the table in the "collage corner" and moved the leather ottoman to be a side table for the over-sized chair. All we need now is a perfect tray for the ottoman and we will be in business! 

Living Room: CHECK!

Keep posted for our next projects, we've got lots of fun ones coming up!

Until next time,

p.s. LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW and it just keeps coming!

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