Thursday, January 9, 2014

snazzy sheets (and comforter and pillows)

We haven't taken much care in renovating or redecorating our bedroom since it is out of sight, out of mind from the rest of the house but the time has finally come and we are ready to start doing some work upstairs. 

When we moved in we just picked up what we had in our old apartment and set it down in the new house, no thought involved and not much care taken. In the beginning we decided that things were nice enough and it was just the place that we sleep and dress, not a lot of hang time upstairs. Now, we are ready to adjust our view and make it just as lovely and cozy at the rest of the house! 

The room is a bit odd due to the fact that it's a bungalow. The ceiling is angled because of the roof, which creates lots of hassles that aren't typical, but we are excited about what could happen with color and depth! 

As you can see above, our bedding was fine - not a lot of character and kind of "eh" (to us at least). For the most part the room around the bed needs to be revamped, as you can see when looking at the undecorated built-in, but the bedding was our starting point! 

I made my way to Target, my first stop for most things home decor related (second only to Home Goods), to see if there were any signs of a good deal! 

I ended up walking out with a new comforter and shams (both Threshold), a new set of sheets (Thomas O'Brien), and a new fitted sheet for the box spring (RE). We use a fitted sheet over our box-spring instead of a skirt for the bed. 

Target has some cool designers represented in their home decor line (my favorite is currently Nate Berkus) and the Threshold brand is always good for a nice piece or two (or three, etc!). 

Overall, we like the new tone the bedding sets in the room. A little more "grown up," if bedding can represent such a thing! 

Mmmmmm... look at that texture. I mean really, hubba hubba! I liked the color, we always like grey in our bedroom, but I loved the shabby chic and yet classic look of this comforter. 


And calling all lovers of pattern and texture, don't you just love this combination!? Well, I do! The sharp graphic design of the Thomas O'Brien sheets on the left perfectly complements the softer Threshold comforter on the right. Thankfully Rob is also down with this bedding change - I definitely made an effort to keep my girly side out of these decisions. After all, it's his room too!

We hope you like the change! We have only created a small difference with the bedding, but it's definitely a start.

As always, thank you for following along! 
Until next time,

**The decorative pillow on the bed is going to be changed out once I finish my next project! Stay posted!

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