Thursday, January 16, 2014

the forgotten room

After posting yesterday and going through all our progress we realized that we had never shown you our spare room / den area. It's funny to us, since our house isn't that big... how could we forget a whole room?! 

We think that because the room was a storage room for so long after moving in and because it's not a main living area where we spend a lot of our time, it was easy to over look. Oddly enough though, some of our favorite and most personal decor items rest in this room! 

So there you have it, almost three months after everything was placed and adjusted and hung up, we present our spare room / den!


In our last apartment we had a second bedroom that we used as an office. We made it as cozy as we could while still having to look at computers, shelves of craft materials, and piles of finished wood signs, etc.. Needless to say, it wasn't as cozy as we would have hoped for a spare room and our guests usually ended up on the couches in the living room. 

In our new house we moved all the office stuff and one of the larger, more comfortable couches down to the finished part of the basement to create our offices and a hang out place to work without sitting at a desk. (We haven't even shown you the basement because it's still in shambles.) 

Thankfully, because of the space the basement provides, we were able to use our second room as a combination spare room / den. As you can see in these pictures (taken before we even moved in), the room has some added interest with the wainscoting and chair rail. It's a little odd to have these details in a spare room but we think that the previous owner used this room (bedroom 2) as the dining room and bedroom 3 (our new dining room) as a spare bedroom. Confused yet? 


As for now, the walls are still all white but we may be changing that soon. We know for sure that we will leave the wainscoting as is to give the room a base and then add a color above for some contrast. The color will fall into our house scheme, but we aren't sure of what end of the spectrum. Stay posted to see what we choose! 


When it came to furnishing this room we were able to use what we already had. Always a perk for furniture that would otherwise go into storage and for us and our wallets! 
  • Futon: Lindsey's futon from college that had been in storage for the previous two years we have been married and now it gets to see the light of day again! We appreciate it's function as a bed for guests or a couch, in its upright position, for some extra hang out space. 
  • Side Tables: These were the night stands from our apartment bedrooms, we like using these in this room because it gives a little more guest room comfort. 
  • Red Arm Chair: This chair had a home in the living room of our first apartment and our bedroom in our second apartment. It's broken in and perfect for reading! 
  • Floor Lamp: A hand me down from Rob's parents that has served us well the last two years. When we moved into the house, I got a new shade that matches the decor and gives the lamp an updated style. 
  • Cube Storage Unit: This is a newer addition that we only had for the last year in our second apartment. I love all the cubbies because it's so easy to display simply things in a fun and less "bookshelf" kind of way!
  • Carpet: The carpet is a hand me down that we decided to flip over and use the back side for display - this method definitely wouldn't work with all types of rugs, but it's always worth a look!
  • Curtains: These were given to us by my mom, she had them extra in her linen closet and they were a perfect match for this room! Thanks, Mom! 

Lots of sentiment is held in this room! Above: you can see how we have decorated the cubby unit with 7+ of our favorite things; it's so fun walking into a room and seeing things that make you so happy. Below: On the left you can see the wall above the futon which is where we display our wedding photos in collage frames along with other odds and ends we use to decorate. On the right you can see our very cute dogs how we kept the seating chart from our wedding day and now use it as large wall art in our spare room! 

I'm so happy that you all finally get to see our cozy little den, we're sorry it took so long! It's a great area for hanging out with the pups, reading a book or hosting a guest. We are thankful that we can now have a space like this in our home. 

Until next time, 

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