Sunday, January 18, 2015

changing as a family of three

Our son, was born in late November and we have had such a joyful 7.5 weeks with our sweet boy!

It is an amazing thing to be a new mom. I learn things about our new family, my sweet son and myself every single day. I have learned what grace and patience feel like when there is no forethought behind giving or receiving either one. I have realized that I am now filled with such pride and joy when someone shows love to my son and coos over him. Becoming a mom is immediate: physically our son came into the world at 5:03am and at the same moment he leaped into my heart.

My days are now filled with cuddles, feedings, diaper changes, laundry and gazing at our baby's sweet expressions. Eventually I will get back to days that don't include hours of Netflix, late night feedings and "first time" outings as a mommy/baby duo; but for now I am happily settled in these early days of scrambling for the camera every time a smile crosses my son's face and waiting for his first giggle and not wanting to miss any of it.

We are exceptionally happy as a family of three.

Previously, this blog was all about the DIY projects that Rob and I have taken on in our new home. We have enjoyed all the projects that we have done so far and documenting them has been a great way for us to share some tips while having a place to keep memories of our first house! Now we have new memories to add, to remember, and some that we will want to share with those of you that want to know what's happening in our little family. So this blog is changing, we are no longer just renovating our home but our whole life and we are learning fun tidbits and sharing along the way.

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