Friday, February 20, 2015

Guest Blogger: 5 Fresh Ideas for Decorating with Air Plants

Today we have a guest blogger from Modernize! Enjoy these fun and simple ways to freshen your home with some greenery without all the dirt and mess! 


Let's face it, gardening with traditional plants is downright messy. With all the soil, amendments
and fertilizer necessary, growing plants indoors may not be your favorite past-time in the world
— especially when bugs show up. When you still want the beauty of nature without tracking soil
everywhere, air plants are your solution. With their exposed roots, they pull moisture from the air
instead of a soil mound. Decorate with air plants to get the most out of these unusual species
and add a bit of nature to your home.

1. Create a Candle Centerpiece

Take a look at this candle gracing the table. Although the birdcage surrounding it is elegant, the
table is missing a natural element. Use an oval tray as a centerpiece, placing the candle in the
center and surround it with air plants. You literally arrange them around the candle with no
soil necessary. You'll simply need to spray the plants with misty water periodically (experts also
suggest immersing the plants in water once a week for 15-30 minutes) to keep their roots
happy. Conversations start immediately over the dinner table with these decorations.

2. Frame Them as Artwork

Those frames up there look lonely, so fill them with air plants. Add some wire mesh into the
open frame for root support. Fishing line works perfectly as a connector between this mesh and
the plants. The foliage will appear to grow out of the wall when you're done creating the frames.
Fill all of these frames or sporadically decorate a wall with just one framed piece. Vertical
gardens are incredibly powerful decorations for a visual treat.

 Via Zillow Digs

3. Simulate Chandeliers

While this air plant looks like a jellyfish come alive, you can use this upside-down idea to create chandeliers. Take several rectangular containers with complementary colors. Add your air plant
to them, using fishing line to hold the roots to the container. Attach the container upside down
over a table, dangling it just like a chandelier. Add as many other "plant chandeliers" around the
first one for a distinct natural look in a sitting or dining room.

Via Houzz

4. Try Container Gardening

Take almost any container out of this image and make it into an air plant garden. Remove all the
container's contents and add a colorful "soil." Because the soil is truly for aesthetics, go crazy
with texture. Sand, pebbles, rocks and other items are perfectly suited to this container
environment. The plant itself could be the focal point, or add small accents around it. From
another contrasting air plant to a piece of rolled wood, the container garden is more than unique
with some imagination.

5. Create a Rock Sculpture

It's okay if you don't have this elaborate crystal for your air plant. Any rock type you find is
perfect for the project. Fit the plant's roots into rock crevices to make it appear as if it's emerging
from this substance. In reality, use that fishing line again to make the plant secure against the
rock. The roots can wrap around the rock in time, but the initial creation needs more support.
Place these decorations in bathrooms or guest rooms for a grand effect.

Via Houzz

Looking for more home decor ideas, tips and inspiration? Go to Modernize!

By Jane Blanchard

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