Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mommy moments: One Long Hour

This past Sunday was the first time that we had a truly inconsolable baby on our hands. Usually when our son is cranky it's for a normal baby reason: he's hungry, he's tired, he's got a dirty diaper or he's uncomfortable. Normally it's a quick fix to get a smile back on his face, all we have to do is directly address the problem and it's solved.

Sunday was not a normal day. Baby Rebhan, having not slept well on Saturday night, just barely made it through his Great Grandma's 92nd birthday party on Sunday afternoon. By the time we got home our boy was not a happy camper. We tried all the "tricks" we have learned in the last two months but nothing was working. 

It was the first time that Rob and I looked at each other and actually said "what do we do now?" For a moment it felt we would never be able to satisfy our boy and that not knowing how to help him right away made us less capable as parents. One long hour later, I was cuddled with our sleeping son on the glider in his nursery feeling like the most capable mommy in the world. 

This mommy moment came when I felt the least like one. Even when I was feeling incapable and none of my tricks were working, I was able to calm my son. It took an hour of singing, rocking and cuddles that, looking back, I wouldn't exchange for anything.

It seems crazy to be thankful for the rough parenting moments but they put the rest of our days into perspective. We live a life with the sweetest, happiest baby and I couldn't be a happier mommy. 

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