Friday, April 8, 2016

A Closing Day Post on Opening Day

We are in! We got our keys last Thursday morning. It was so dark, it felt like evening and yet we were walking on sunshine. We were so happy to be getting the keys to our new house and start the projects we had been planning.

After meeting our realtor at the house for a final walk through, along with Rob's mom who was going to watch our boy for the day, we took an obligatory "first" picture at the new house and off to the closing we went. It was fairly simple and straightforward. We got to meet the people who were selling us the house and they were lovely. They told us about the neighborhood and how fun halloween is and our excitement grew! At the end of the meeting we parted ways with them and our wonderful realtor and headed over to the new house, cars full of supplies and work clothes at the ready!

When we got to the house we were trying to decide where to start. Rob decided to start by taking pictures of the whole house while it was empty to really get a true "before" image. When he was in the kitchen we started to fool around with the appliances. Microwave, refrigerator and oven appeared to be brand new, with stickers still inside the fridge! The cooktop looked used and dated so we knew we would replace it eventually but hoped we could use it as is for a while. Well, we tried all the burners and only one actually works. We were bummed cause it's a fairly costly item to replace but for that moment we pushed it to the back of our minds and hoped it would be our only hiccup. Dishwasher: we saw there was some leftover soap from a previous load so we decided to run it to clear that out. It wouldn't start. Actually, it did "start" but it made a horrible noise and no water was running. We pulled the dishwasher out (not fun or easy because the floor had only been laid up to the appliance, not underneath. A word of warning for future DIYers: this makes removing appliances very difficult!), made sure the connections were solid and the water was on and still nothing. Great, now we need two appliances right off the bat.

We headed out to lunch pretty feeling pretty "blah" that we had to spend this kind of money right away (on things we thought worked) and sat down at Panera ready to research prices and options. We landed on Home Depot. They aren't usually our first choice for big purchases but with a coupon we had and a sale they had running we were able to get a nice gas Whirlpool cooktop (pictured below) for a great price and it will be delivered on the 12th! yay! For now we cook with one burner! 

For some reason, we chose not to get a dishwasher while we were there and boy are we glad we didn't. Turns out, the water valve handle wasn't actually turning the valve. A plumber only charged us $45 for the inspection and the "fix" and it's literally like new! We're thrilled, to say the least, not to have to spend that money! 

The rest of our closing day went pretty smoothly! Rob worked on taking the kitchen cupboards apart (more on that later) while I edged in and painted our little guy's room. We got a visit from Rob's parents and our buddy and the dogs got to play in their new yard.

We also met some of our neighbors and have realized quickly that the world is pretty small! "Howdy Neighbors!" Some of them also have chickens which is super awesome and we've already been given half a dozen yummy fresh eggs and had one of them visit our front yard!

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  1. These are small hic cups in a memorable life experience. Even if they seem major at the time. You have such a wonderful family , full of love. Enjoy this new chapter of your life. Your house looks wonderful!! <3 <3 <3