Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A new space for our growing boy!

The first room in the house to get cleaned, painted, refinished floors and decorated was our little guy's room. It feels a little less nursery than before but since he is still in his crib and we are in complete denial that he is growing up we are still rocking the original nursery vibe. 

I started by painting all the trim in his room the day we closed. It was a super high priority for us to get our buddy's room done before we moved in so that he could have a smooth transition to the new house. Everything in this house is dingy and needs a good scrub and we are pretty sure that every wall is painted with flat paint which makes everything look dull. By putting a coat of semi-gloss on the trim, baseboards and windows we brightened everything up a bit. We also used satin paint on the walls to make them scrubbable and durable for little boy dirt! 


As you can see things get a little weird after a long day of closing and starting projects! Nothing like a painting selfie to keep you going. You can (kind of) see in the picture on the left above the difference between our fresh semi-gloss white and the flat white. In person, it's pretty obvious.  

After painting the trim, I went around and edged in the room. I don't like to tape off rooms cause I think it just takes too long so I spent a little extra time being careful when I edged with my favorite shorty brush* to get a clean edge. Rob came in while I was putting my second coat on the edging the rolled the walls. Teamwork makes the dream work people. 

We chose to go a shade lighter than his room in our 1st house because it was going to be covering the whole wall. At the other house there was wainscoting in his room which supported the darker grey. The difference in lighting between the old house pictures and new house makes the color look super similar but there is a difference, promise! 

After some decisions about what goes where and how we wanted to maximize his space we ended up with another sweet space for our boy. We love the windows and how sunny his room gets. After having his room up in our bungalow's second floor (the cave room) we are loving the brightness! The curtains on the larger window are no longer tied, we were just trying to "train" them to stay open. Blackout curtains are so thick!


There is a whole other view to this room facing towards the camera that we will be posting soon along with the little dude's playroom pictures! Keep your eye out! 

*This post includes an affiliate link. We were not paid to say anything nice about this product, Lindsey just loves it!

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